Custom Dr. Wily, Gutsman and Metalman

Dr. Wily and Robot Masters

I always wondered why Dr. Wily never created an awesome Robot suit to kick Megaman’s butt. Here is what I imagined a Dr. Wily mech would look like. I tried to stay true to Dr. Wily’s style by using a skull on the front and a bubble top for him to look down on things. I also made Gutsman and Metalman. I made these look a little more industrial because they were working robots that were reprogrammed to be evil, or so the plot of Megaman 1 says. I tried to keep the color schemes really close to the original, but I did change some things, especially on Metalman. If you would like to see more pics, check out My Flickr Page to see more. Here are some more after the cut:

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