Custom Mushroom Kingdom Christmas Stocking Holder

Custom Nintendo Stocking Holder

Here is the next stocking holder to the one that I made last year. My goal is to make one for everyone in the family. This one is going to my wife, she loves Mushrooms, so I thought I would give her a Toad Christmas. I use a bunch of different Super Mario Figures, and the house is actually a Papa Smurf house that they had on sale at Toys r’ Us. If you would like to see more pictures go to My Flickr Page. I have also updated the pictures for the one I did last year here.

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    • MM-Royalninja on September 3, 2012 at 1:08 pm
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    OMGosh ! I….. Im so jellouse about your custom mushroom house…. Im so making one(But ther over $100.00 on ebay :/

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