Kodykoala’s Custom Peach Zombie

Princess Peach Zombie

This is a website exclusive. Here is something that I couldn’t wait to share. I call this “I wish the Princess were in Another Castle.” I have been really fascinated with Zombies lately, and I don’t care about the people who say that zombies are a fad that has come and gone, I still like them.

I used a Princess Peach Vinyl that I got off of Ebay. The original arms for the princess were horrible, so I used an anime Gashapon figure’s arms, and the cleavage was from another gashapon I had lying around. The legs for the princess was from a bootleg Sailor Mars toy that I had gotten a long time ago.

I also used a Toad vinyl figure that I bought at Walmart. Not much really went into the toad. I tried to keep him as close to normal as possible (the pre-zombie state). I sculpted the scenery using Apoxie Sculpt, and I used a rock that I found in my backyard.

This one is not for sale and is going into my personal collection. I think this one came out really detailed, and I would be sad to sell it. If you would like to see more pictures, go to My Flickr Page.

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