Brainstorm with Me and Win a Custom

Dr. Mario

Iam8bit has ended, and my Dr. Mario sculpture did not sell. Instead of putting it in my store to sell, and to celebrate my new blog layout, I have decided to give it to someone out there. There is one catch, I need some good ideas for customs. I want this to be a sort of brainstorming session. Give me ideas, even if they are a little out there. I prefer video game customs, but I know there are a lot of other good ideas out there to, so don’t limit it to video games. Here is what you have to do to win:

  • Place a comment on this post with your idea for a cool custom figure.
  • A winner will be picked at RANDOM from the posts
  • Drawing will be on February 27th (My birthday!)
  • International Entries allowed. I will ship it to wherever it needs to go.
  • One Entry Per Person Please

I know a lot of people have been wanting a custom, so here is your chance to get Dr. Mario and Nurse Peach for your collection. For more pictures, you can go to My Flickr Page. Good luck everyone!

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513 Responses to Brainstorm with Me and Win a Custom

  1. Lindsay says:

    Link and his tri-force!

  2. Amarilis says:

    Zombie knuckles from Sonic or the demonic boat from princess manonoke movie.

  3. Steven Hawkins says:

    Characters from mutant league football, the guy from devil may cry, or the alien family from Mac and me. I got more if you need them.

  4. Protoman says:

    Protoman in either his original form or Battle Network form. I’d also love Zero from the Megaman Zero series.

  5. Chris says:

    How about Chibi Robo holding one of his tools. Or better yet, have switchable hands and give him multiple tools. I have looked around for a while and can’t find any quality Chibi Robo figure, and from what you do I bet it could be great.

  6. alexander Tranchemontagne says:

    Anything from cavestory, or a boy and his blob.

  7. David Sanchez says:

    Keep this hilarious theme going with a custom of Toad sticking his big, mushroomy head out from under Peach’s dress.

  8. ZeroXraven says:

    Pokemon driving Mario Kart but using their powers to win. For Instance, Yoshi is in front getting shocked by Pikachu and behind Pikachu Geodude is throwing rocks lol

  9. LiK says:

    Mario vs Sonic with lots of explosions (lights up).

  10. PhilKenSebbenDtoid says:

    Adam Jensen staring down at his boner. With the wording: I didn’t ask for this. Sam B (dead island) rapping to a group of zombies. Dragonborn (skyrim) decapitating a gaurds who has an arrow in his knee, a sword in his gut or both. Uncharted: Elena climbing up a building/cliffside with Drake pushing her up, by her butt. Payday: The Heist guys: Robbing stuff w/ hostages. Master Cheif trying to cop a feel on Cortanas bewbs and his hands passing through. Anything Binding of Isaac. I’m done.

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  12. Mike Ogurchak says:

    Resident Evil 4 Leon catching Ashley jumping from a high ledge. Brilliant Dr. Mario by the way!

  13. Phantomile says:

    How about one of the major bosses from Cave Story, like Ballos or the Undead Core.

  14. xplodepants says:

    Guybrush Threepwood in a pirate-y pirate costume. Maybe a monkey is behind him pulling down his pants!

  15. Timtoid says:

    Dr. Mario got hit by the recession and now he has to become a plumber cleaning warp pipes. Tough times.

  16. CS says:

    Disney princesses as superheroines.

    Or maybe envisioning how exactly a Dragonborn might have been conceived. (I know the lore doesn’t have it where a dragon and human have sex, but it’s still kind of an amusing thought.)

  17. Nicolas says:

    A drunk Link riding his horse with Navi telling him to LISTEN

  18. Emanuel says:

    Zero suit Samus, with cuts and scrapes and a Facehugger already attached, and an Alien Queen looming over.

  19. IceCatraz says:

    Jack Frost and Pyro Jack from the Shin Megami Tensei series would be pretty cool. Or Mara.

    Or a Shy Guy with a Tanooki tail. That’d be pretty cool too.

  20. Shapp says:

    I thought long and hard about some fun ideas and video game crossovers struck!

    1.) Mario characters as the X-men or Avengers or something or you could go obscure and make them like the Morlocs or something lol

    2.) Saw a picture of a Koopa Trooper as Thor and Marios hat sitting on top of a pile of ashes

    3.) Put Mario and Luigi into the Cog armor from Gears of War fighting Koopa and his troopers as the Lambent monsters from the game

    4.) Mario and Luigi could be the guys from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” in the scene where tey are in the car and Johnny Dep is swatting at bats with his fly swatter but instead of bats it could be the flying koopa troopers

    5.) Saw a pic of Rye and Ken from Street Fighter fighting in wheel chairs with casts and bandages on them. Picture the scene when it says FIGHT where each character is on each side about to start fighting.

    and lastly

    6.) I imagine Mr. Game N Watch (all black character) hiding in the shadows watching Peach or Daisy undressing (you could nick name him Mr. Peep N Watch)

  21. Colin says:

    Special Agent Francis York Morgan and Zach from Deadly Premonition.

  22. Fortune says:

    Excellent custom man! You really got me cuz me and my bro where just talking about how great old school games where so I have some sugestions for other customs.

    Sonic the hedgehog as a mechanic
    Link as a Barber with Zelda as Hairdresser
    Spyro the dragon as a mailman

  23. Macko says:

    Chewbacca Riding a gigant Squirrel while fighting nazis

  24. Samus on her towel with all armor on the floor.

  25. Donald says:

    Maria from Castlevania sunbathing on the beach beside Alucard’s coffin. Another idea, Gill from Street Fighter 3 flexing in a mirror with admiration for himself. One final idea, Kirby with Master Chief’s helmet and a gun in hand.

  26. Jumbo says:

    Samus in Zero Suit

  27. Techni says:

    Link and ganon drinking together at a bar, with a word bubble pointing to both of them above their heads with a picture of zelda nagging about a mess

  28. Bdarka says:

    Wario in his Warioware outfit playing a video game surrounded by food

  29. Nickno says:

    I say you make a Yoshi, but have it in the style of Ridley. I think that would be snazzy looking.

  30. Sergio says:

    Link and Midna would be pretty cool.

  31. T.J. Jaeger says:

    Bad box art Megaman with battle damage.

  32. Joshua Otis says:

    Ok this is totally random…but I have two suggestions, pick your poison.

    The first one, and the one I think is comic gold. Luigi dressed up like Muldoon from Jurassic Park, holding a rifle while looking behind him at a Yoshi getting ready to attack and saying “Clever girl”. So think the “Clever girl” scene recreated with Luigi as Muldoon and Yoshi as ths raptor.

    Link is for reference.

    The second idea is a “thug” Ganon, Link and Zelda with their respective triforce’s on chains. Think urban Legend of Zelda.

  33. Pandattack says:

    Mario on yoshi with the yellow cape versus two hammer bro

  34. walter monroy says:

    Mario Flirting with Samus

  35. Frederik Strube Nielsen says:

    Great figurine I must say!
    Venom/Carnage being the panties of a girl. You know in slime form.

  36. Ameer Hamza says:

    Phoenix Wright, The Steel Samurai and Edgeworth rowing a boat 😀

  37. Turd Furgeson says:

    Any of the colossi from Shadow of the Colossus.

  38. Rusticles says:

    For my D&D group, my Tiefling Warlock character developed a multiple personality disorder causing her to think that she is now Francis York Morgan.

    Also, I’m a bit surprised that Squidbear hasn’t been mentioned yet.

  39. Stephen Swan says:

    How about a “Respect Your Elders” piece where current stars respect their fallen brethren (Example Master Chief paying respects over a grave saying Marathon, Mega Man paying respects to Captain Commando, Nathan Drake for Crash Bandicoot, and so on…) When companies thrived with originality and sequels were actually miles ahead of one another.

  40. Ahr Ech says:

    Vault Boy in a Mario Kart style go-kart getting hit by a red shell, perhaps?

  41. Kevin says:

    Here’s a couple ideas.

    Mega Man getting arrested by a police lady Roll for stealing other robot’s weapons.

    Samus Aran and Master Chief as figures on top of a wedding cake? In their armor and maybe with Cortana crying nearby.

  42. James Koeneman says:

    A super-detailed scene from any of the Metal Gear gamed, with a little box placed somewhere inconspicuous.

  43. Manasteel88 says:

    Kid Chameleon and Alex Kidd in a Janken (Rock Paper Scissors) match.

  44. Joshua says:

    Really cool details on all your art.

    I’d love to see a few things

    1. Turtle power ( tmnt ,koopa,bowser,etcetera ) being arrested for protesting outside a plumbers convention .

    2. You can’t handle the truth! ( GLaDos on the stand in a court room being questioned by Pheonix wright ace attorney ) him pointing at chell or a cake?

    3. GLaDos snow globe ( her hanging from the top , filled with water and grey plastic debri and personalitys floating in there and maybe even a tiny chell) lights up ?

    4.dead space DMV (issac working or in line at the DMV )

    5.princess peach giving birth to a koopa and mario being confused, or giving birth to baby in a different color jumpsuit like luigi or wario and them fighting.

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  46. Walter says:

    Clou of Final Fantasy VI on a Chocobo run into de lagoon D:


  47. Donovan says:

    Link VS. Ganon, That would be epic!

  48. Micheal C. says:

    Geno consoling a crying Mallow.

  49. Neil Ammer II says:

    Mario as Optimus Prime. Since they both have blue legs and red torso.

  50. Nick Morgan says:

    A constipated Yoshi trying to lay an egg while Kirby tries to help it along with his amazing suction power!

  51. Taylor says:

    Solid Snake kissing a poster in a locker

  52. brian says:

    Zelda laying on a stretcher while in the hospital as she is pregnant and about to have a baby and Link watching and saying “well excuse me princess”

  53. Jayson says:

    The unmasking of Dr. Wily as the weird alien creature at the end of Mega Man 2. Could have that cool holographic machine and Wily groveling on the ground. Good stuff!

    I know it’s only one entry per person, so you can disregard the next one as an official entry, but one of the strongest scenes from a Nintendo game was the breaking of the mirror by Midna in Twilight Princess. I’d love to own a statue celebrating that emotional scene.

  54. Wayne says:

    An adult Chozo wearing an apron holding a baby samus, but she’s in full costume, just baby-sized.

    also this mario figure is hilarious and awesome.

  55. Derek Prim says:

    I think a good one would be of Kirby using the Cook ability to make a Waddle-Dee stew. However, there would have to be Waddle-Dees in the stew and Kirby needs to wear the chef hat and holding a cookbook called ‘101 Waddle-Dee Recipies’.

    Thanks for this contest!

  56. Karasu says:

    An Armored Core battling a Gundam.

  57. Alex says:

    Great job with the custom!

    As for what I’d like to see for my own custom; I’d love to see a statue of Link where part of him is morphing as he is being taken over by Dark Link. A way of showing they’re part of each other and still haven’t learn to coexist.

  58. i think it would be really cool if you create an awesome anatomy of pacman figure…
    it would be a mix of pacman and the deathstar…jaja
    take advantage of the inside, treat the pacman sphere as a world…
    overall pacman represents the whole videogame history, so
    you could put in the anatomy figure references to a lot of classics items, videogame characters…

    get it ?
    pacman as a yellow/silver compilation of videogames references…

    in my head seems awesome !

  59. Emanuel says:

    How about a sexy zero suit samus with a damged suit, ie showing some skin

  60. Don Brutalli says:

    A Mario Kart figure, but Mario like a pimp in a pimp car xD

  61. Hitaxas says:

    I dig what you have made already. I’ll throw a few ideas around…

    A mix of The DeathEgg from Sonic the Hedgehog, and he DeathStar from Star Wars.

    A Metal Sonic, being driven as a giant robot by the real Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Sonic the Hedgehog in a Mario get up.

    Mario running away from a Goomba that has an invincibility star.

  62. NathJam says:

    I think to add onto the already developed Star Wars Vader/Yoda you have already made.

    What about a Tanooki/Wookie crossover?

  63. SixDemonBag says:

    Sonic punching Mario with a caption that reads “Blast Processing”

    Ryu playing a Karate Champ arcade game.

    Agent G from Typing of the Dead and a zombie shambling towards him with a boxed word in front of it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you will do next.

  64. BigSharkZ says:

    Mike Haggar fighting against The Incredible Hulk.

  65. NotJesus says:

    Megaman walking in on Zero and Sigma.

  66. Bernard Julius Paje says:

    Megaman (preferably in a cool pose like aiming his Mega Buster) being surrounded in a perfect circle by the best robot baddies the series (Shadowman, Gutsman and Metalman should definitely be included!)…

  67. my ideas are:

    – Kirby cooking mario, link and Donkey Kong while complaining about the boiling water

    – A dragon vs Dovahkiin Skyrim

    I hope you like these two ideas

  68. yAkidAgain says:

    Luigi and Daisy

  69. Max says:

    Link holding a pot over his head like he’s gonna throw it against a wall, but Solid Snake is peeking out the top of it looking freaked out (since he’s about to be thrown against a wall!)

  70. Kenshin says:

    Agrias from Final Fantasy Tactics meets Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

  71. Jado101 says:

    You should so make mario in one of his cart’s, battling against sonic in his cart from sonic and sega all stars racing!

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  73. James Gallagher says:

    how about the whole mario crew doing a karaoke night. could get lots of little cool refrences in there :)

  74. Peter (pedrovay2003) says:

    I know this may be a lot of work, but I’m thinking maybe a history of how Mega Man has changed looks, mainly from the perspectives of the bad box art models leading through the more current ones. They were bad, then they got good, then they purposely got bad again for 9 and 10.

  75. SpongeGoggles says:

    Samus Aran vs Kara “starbuck” thrace : hardcore super babe death match custom figure limited epic awesome edition :)

  76. RowdyRodimus says:

    Starman locking up with Mike Haggar with referee Mario from Punch Out.

  77. Sandvich says:

    A warp pipe with an army of goombas lined up to enter it

  78. I’d like to see Morph Ball Samus camouflaged along other balls, like soccer, basket ball, and a Katamari, while Ridley looks for her

  79. Bad-Gunky says:

    Loving the work!

    Was mulling the idea of Donkey Kong and Bowser as bouncers of a nightclub, throwing out/kicking the crap out of a rather wasted Wario

  80. Tom Yankou says:

    Let’s keep the Mario theme going…what about Mario and Peach at the Yoshi races?

  81. Brett says:

    Master chief with a plasma sword through an elite’s back with both standing.

  82. Gavin Thomas says:

    What about Ryu from street fighter doing a hadouken (fireball) against an opponent but instead just a puff of smoke like a missfire appearing instead.

  83. Ian says:

    You should make a custom of Link and Zelda riding their individual Loftwings, side by side. Or one of them both riding on Link’s Crimson Loftwing. That would make me sooooo happy.

  84. Jon says:

    You should do Mario and Peach kissing with a depressed Luigi in the background.

  85. Avery says:

    Sonic in Bed with a disappointed peach…

  86. Mauricio says:

    Amazing figure! I’d like to see Snake walking wearing a cardbox, avoiding a guard. Cheers!

  87. Travis Perry says:

    Dino Riki taking on a T-rex would be full of win.

  88. Caleb Moore says:

    How about Captain N getting sucked into the t.v. You can see both sides in and out with VG characters looking on.

  89. Sos says:

    Super Meat Boy in a Mario hat with Bandage Girl in a dress.

  90. Shadow of Death says:

    Peach and Bowser together on a bed (in a dungeon scene if possible), Mario in the background with a shocked look on his face (He’s there to rescue her). Peach and Bowser (if they have Mario in view) should have expressions of embarrassment. Alternatively, “O” faces work XD

  91. Mariochtimi says:

    Mario on Yoshi jumping with clouds and Beanstalk in decor !

  92. Fred says:

    Wario, Mario, Waluigi and Luigi in the octagon (UFC). Toad is a referee and Peach is a ring girl holding up the round number. Or perhaps Mario vs Wario with Luigi and Waluigi as corners.

  93. Matthew Haycock says:

    I think I’d like to see a diorama piece of the final battle in sonic 3. Seeing sonic mid-battle with eggman in his final machine.

    I can see it being a mid-action piece maybe as eggmans mech brings its fists down to slam the ground, while sonic dodges out of the way and dashes towards the cock-pit, possibly with some debris flying out from the impact.

  94. sharklion says:

    Graphic crushing of Mario jumping on a Goomba.

  95. Cody G says:

    I would love to see Yoshi trying to rescue Baby Mario from a tree. Maybe you could have Yoshi with his tongue out trying to grab him.

  96. i think of a huge dark rock mountain with broken stairs, emerging from a lava sea. All over the place there are the girls of every fighting game ever (and some other sexy classics as Jill V., Samus,etc) laying half naked, kind of slaved, their body measurments augmented “heavy metal” style. At the very top of the piece there’s a throne where King Bowser’s sitting with princesses Peach and Daysie on his lap.


  97. lukinoz says:

    You shoud do :

    1) Link fighting with Ghiranim
    2)von Karma smashing head against a wall

  98. Joel Thibeault-lamoureux says:


  99. how about mario versus goku, mario charges a super fireball and goku a kame-hame-ha

    or mario versus dark mario punching at the same time

  100. rudy says:

    Mario in white angel and mario in red devil ….

  101. Cale Deitch says:

    How about old 80’s box art Mega Man like in the new Street Fighter X Tekken game that would be bad ass.

  102. Starman says:

    Megaman and all of the bosses from the original Mega Man, but they all must be interpreted in the same style as Mega Man on the box art. Yeeeah!

  103. Philip Hanan says:

    That Dr. Mario statue is possibly the coolest VG statue on Earth. But there is another NES game I would love to see captured. Donkey Kong 3. Please make a statue of Donkey Kong grasping two vines that jet up from a base. Then put Stanley underneath him spraying mist straight up DK’s bum. DK should have a totally shocked and horrified face with his mouth wipe open like he just recived a colonoscopy.

  104. Leonidis says:

    One Piece’s protagonist, Luffy with a portal gun, using his rubber pistol.

    So hes punching the floor which is a portal, with another portal for his fist to exit.

    Sounds like fun.

  105. Dan says:

    Little Mac and a bruised-up King Hippo sitting at a diner after their big match, with Mac treating him to a pile of burgers and a shake

  106. Sparticus62 says:

    Kinda got this idea from the “Zombie Luigi and Mario” How’s about a statue of Link decapitating a zombie with his master sword, while Zelda is behind him casting a fire spell on another zombie?

  107. Elwood Fiore says:

    Have yoshi tripping out eating Toad.
    Nintendo always shown what happens when MARIO ate the mushroom, what happens when yoshi eats it?

    Super mario bongshine
    FLUUD- From mario sunshine on Gcube, Build mario and toad around FLUUD smoking it as it was a hookah of sorts.

    Zelda, Have link cooking bombs in one of them many pots he picks up. Lol.

  108. Austin says:

    I’ve always wanted to see the V-J Kiss photo done with a zombie biting a woman’s neck instead of the kiss. Would be really epic and I guarantee it would get a lot of attention given the fame of the photograph and the popularity of zombies.

  109. Diego de Mentzingen says:

    Donald, Goofy and Mickey shooting it out, Battlefield 3 style!

  110. Rafael Annoni Lange says:

    A Resident Evil zombie (or Nemesis, your call) driving a mario kart, with a weapon equipped (banana skin or spiked-turtle shell), preferentially. :)

  111. I would love to see Link doing the final blow attack thrusting his sword downward threw yoshi or perhaps toad and have the sword coming out the bottom of them into the ground. Something along the lines of a super smash bros battle would be really cool.

    Another idea would be having sonic standing behind mario about to snap his neck with a crazy creepy look on sonics face.

  112. Marlow says:

    It would be nice to see a zombie Yoshi eating Mario, biting his head!

  113. Steve says:

    Road kill sonic stuck to the front of donkey kongs truck!

  114. ChronoMoogle says:

    Samus Aran shooting a charged beam at Vic Viper with dramatic curly dust surrounding them.

  115. Marcello Ferreira says:

    It would be fun Mario as a revolutionary guy: CHE GUE MARIO!

  116. Eli says:

    I think a cool figure would be every iteration of megaman together in a line standing on top of a bunch of destroyed robots parts from mavericks and other perspective megaman enemies.

  117. Thiago says:

    Mario drinking some bear on Toddy`s head.
    [ ]`s from brazil!!

  118. Preston says:

    A shy guy with a removable mask. Behind the mask is an empty cranium exposing a brain, spinal column, and connected nervous and circulatory systems.

  119. Zenji says:

    Mario beat zombie Donkey Kong using a chain saw (like Texas Chain saw massacre movie) in the original 1981’s scenario.

  120. Caragolpe says:

    Megaman and X doing a handshake.

  121. Joe says:

    How about this: Mario with one foot on top of defeated bosses such as Bowser, Wario, King Boo, Ect.. while a ton of goombas and koops run around in a mass panic. princess peach and daisy holding Mario’s Shoulders wouldn’t hurt either.

  122. Felipe Cagno says:

    Luigi getting drunk with Jack Sparrow, he’s fed up with being Mario’s bitch and moved to the Caribbean!

  123. Thales Wendpap says:

    Yoshi riding Mario

  124. Jéssica Xavier says:

    Sack boy with Big Daddy (from bioshock) clothes

  125. Cristina Padilha says:

    Peach using Samus clothes

  126. Eliane Xavier says:

    Lara Croft fighting against Locust from Gears of war

  127. Jean-Philippe G-Chevalier says:

    1. DK, Ness, Mario, Luigi, Pit and Samus doing a fight, like in Smash Bros Brawl
    2. Ezio Auditore about to kill one of his victim, that would be awesome!
    3. Batman having a fight versus Joker, Penguin and Zsasz

    Hope you like it!

  128. armlessman says:

    Ganon breaking Link’s back over his knee in the same way Bane did to Batman.

  129. Sco says:

    How about a Mario bad ending; Bowser and his new queen Peach sitting on royal thrones as king and queen. Mario and Luigi in the background plunging the porcelain thrones. GAME OVER.

    You could have mini Peach/Bowser babies at there feet.

  130. Darth Txelos says:

    It would be great a Mario world figure mixed with a metal slug world item.
    For example,Luigi and a surprised soldier

  131. Eddie says:

    Sailor Moon versus street fighters! In angry bird custume!

  132. Benjamin says:

    Mr. Resetti with a shotgun instead of a pickaxe.

  133. Jonathan says:

    The nurse checking out at Mario and Yoshi fixing the faucet 😉

  134. Renan de Padua says:

    Miss Tron having some ice cream with Megaman and Roll!!!

    Could it be Teisel Bonne having some beer with Professor Barrel too!!!

  135. João Paulo Carrara says:

    Congrats for the job!

    As a tribute, you should make Mario’s team of the Super Mario RPG, from SNES. It was really awesome playing with those new carachters in such a wonderful game. It is going to be a very nostalgic and beautiful work.

  136. Yoan Germany says:

    Known group of videogame characters (mario crew, zelda crew…) but all wearing Guy Fawkes Masks (V for Vendatta one)

  137. Hernando Fh says:

    Sonic, or Shadow, in a stance more or less like the one in the Alien3 covers and posters, with emphasis on the gloves of Sonic, or Shadow, which will greatly differentiate it from the Alien3 design.

  138. will says:

    Kratos vs IGod

  139. neo-metatron says:

    I think you should make a Custom of a very nasty and bloodied up version of Super Mario Bros 2’s Birdo, but instead of spitting eggs it has a second mouth like an ALIEN nipping on a SMB2 character’s brain of your choice.

    Another idea would be a Custom of a FF XIII’s Serah next to a dead Space Invader and DR. Mario with a syringe. Underneath it says: “HPV vaccination can save lives!”

    Or how about Mega Man X and ZERO making out. GAY robots, FTW!

    Thank you very much for the chance to win this awesome custom figure of yours!



  140. C says:

    I think you should play around with the idea of how Mario gets his super powers (specifically from Super Mario Bro 3 for NES). Is he a redneck hunter, hunting a Tanooki? Skinning a raccoon? Etc. Could be fun! Love your work.

  141. alex says:

    Commando Sonic. Bandana, covered in dirt, blood, tatters, holding a ring, debris, dust, destruction around him

    Scene from a Contra III boss battle – as the hero puts his finishing move on one of the giant monsters.

  142. Drew says:

    I have two ideas for you man.

    1.) Lugi’s Mansion Luigi with the Ghostbusters uniform and equipment.

    2.) Action figure Colonel Sanders to Fight the buff McDonalds clown.

  143. Gabrielle says:

    A Whiterun guard with an arrow in the knee

  144. Loki_Deth says:

    Borderlands 2… need i say more?

  145. Rorro8a says:

    Megaman in a stage floor with spikes

  146. Ellis says:

    Articuno using Ice Beam with its wings majestically spread out.

  147. Mattialdo says:

    How about a a pure good charater (like Link, Mario,Samus,Sonic och Gordon freeman) with the mask from the new Twisted Metal game on it´s face?

  148. André says:

    I would like to see Donkey kong as a donkey.

  149. Ryan says:

    Definitely something from epic mickey. That would be..epic.

  150. Jens says:

    Make one where mario, luigi or some other nintendo-characters is playing xbox 360/playstation 3 with a trashcan standing nearby with the nintendo wii in it.

  151. Gabriel says:

    Donkey Kong dressed as a pimp, with Dixie on her knees on one side as his bitch, grabbing one leg from Donkey, and Dixie on the other side, as his other bitch, grabbing his other leg.

  152. Trevor says:

    How about Mickey Mouse with a Deadmau5 head on. He could be DJing or just fist pumping the crowd. Better yet since Deadmau5 loves Zelda (he has a cool hearts meter tattoo on his arm) you should totally do a Link with a Deadmau5 head! Or Mario. Basically anybody with a Deadmau5 head.

  153. Nicolás Peña says:

    You could make Megaman and Samus shooting at each other!
    Or Kirby trying to absorb a Katamari hehe

  154. Benjamin says:

    Karnov. He is so awesome and gets no love.

  155. Tim van den Berg says:

    I love the game Golden Axe: Beast Rider, so I think a statue of Tyris Flare fighting Death Adder would look great.

  156. Michael says:

    I think a Sonic one would be cool.

  157. John Leonard says:

    bomberman throwing a bomb at a block

  158. Goat says:

    The Alien Monster from Abadox.

  159. Kevin Z. says:

    Mass Effect: Sheppard sitting on a rock among dead bodies.

  160. Cross says:

    Sakura from Street Fighter vs. Dan. A training situation, perhaps, as Sakura is a student of his.

  161. Akihira says:

    Sexy Zero-suit Samus golfing with a morph ball as the golfball and maybe the Ice Beam as the club.

  162. Kevin Lee says:

    Mash-up of all the Super Smash Bros. characters!

  163. René de Hoog says:

    How about Manny Calavera and Glottis from Grim Fandango on their Bone Wagon?

  164. Scott says:

    Master Chief and the Arbiter holding hands, skipping down the yellow brick road.

  165. Thad Stevens says:

    Really anything involving Skies of Arcadia would be awesome. There was a hidden scene that is in keeping with the current theme displayed here…

  166. Bison says:

    Simon Belmont vs. Gabriel Belmont as the legendary Dracul.

  167. Jherika Howze says:

    Hello. I suggest Link with Navi, Midna and Fi [Link is surround by them] or Vyse, Aika and Fina (Skies of Arcadia) [Vyse being in the middle, getting a kiss from both girls on each cheek]

  168. Eugenio Teran says:

    1) Megaman and Zero shooting down some Mavericks would be awesome.

    2) Samus trying out the Zero suit.

    3) Leon S. Kennedy shooting some zombies from Plants vs. Zombies.

    4) Amaterasu from Ökami playing some shogi with Frogfucious from Super Mario RPG.

    I could do this all day xD

  169. Alex says:

    Alduin vs. Paarthurnax. Epic

  170. Spider Mann says:

    overweight Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man sitting on a couch watching tv, half eaten pellets strewn about them, American flag rug on the floor… stained.

  171. Allen Goode says:

    BOWSER…. emerging from a POKEBALL!

  172. Greg says:

    A Donkey Kong on the empire state building like King Kong.

  173. Rusty Wright says:

    The ghostly hand from Skyward Sword emerging from its toilet motioning for Link to hand her some paper.

  174. Andy Wallace says:

    From Bulletstorm, what about Grayson, Ishi and Trishka complete with Kick-Ass weaponry and maybe a Burnout getting it’s ass handed to it?!

  175. Jacob Michael Davis says:

    Headcrab and Gordon Freeman from HL2, or anything Binding of Isaac.

  176. Tyrie says:

    Metal Gear REX vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Make it so

  177. Peter says:

    Pikachu shooting a lightning bolt through the Flash

  178. Jorge Garcia says:

    Zelda changing into her Sheik outfit!

  179. Daniel Stephens says:

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Noel or Serah holding a pokeball in one of the various pokemon trainer poses, with a chocobo/Cait Sith/omega sent out, with some sort of “Gotta catch ’em all” slogan

  180. Victor Rodz says:

    A realistic mario scene where he is crawling out of a pipe covered in sewage waste. His eyes look all trippy and his pupil is in the shape of a mushroom. He’s definitely not in the mushroom kingdom anymore.

  181. Derek says:

    Toejam and Earl. In wild west garb.

  182. gg says:

    mulitple samuses getting it on

  183. Daryl says:

    Two suggestions:

    a) A Pikmin leading a bunch of tiny Olimars around.


    b) Keeping with the theme of Mario’s many careers, Mario doing some plumbing for once.

  184. Xander says:

    Main character and Agro from Shadow of the Colossus

  185. Magnus says:

    Yoshi running an omelette with mushrooms stand.

  186. stephenzerotwo says:

    war torn gritty rosalina(mario galaxy)

    Perhaps some guns, ripped clothes, maybe machined up a bit by turning her outfit a bit futuristic with random armor padding on shoulders, thighs, etc.

  187. Kolma says:

    How about a sculpture of Tails carrying Sonic so that he can peek into someone’s window
    Maybe Amy Rose’s bedroom?

  188. Rick Gamboa says:

    Samus Aran as a Predator, OR a cross between Samus Aran and Optimus Prime

  189. Tonyp2121 says:

    Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, Diddy sitting on a barrel, while DK is rubbing his head in pride.

  190. SP says:

    Battle-toad vs Ninja Turtle?

  191. Larry says:

    Donkey Kong chugging a wooden barrel of beer at the bar with Peach as the bartender.

  192. Ryan says:

    Commander Shepard and Ashley

  193. Gabriel says:

    Jonny Quest, Dr. Benton Quest, “Race” Banon, Hadji and Bandit in front of their jet.

  194. Mathew says:

    Found out about this from Kotaku. Great stuff man, it’s really unique.
    Thought I’d toss a couple suggestions out off the top of my head.
    -Anything Cave Story related (I see you’ve done some already though)
    -Something with Chibi-Robo. Unfortunately I’m mostly thinking of vulgar ideas, but maybe something like a medieval Chibi-Robo, or as stupid as it sounds, zombie Chibi-Robo? Some type of costume that he doesn’t already have from the games.
    -I thought one cool idea would be an iconic video game character, like Mario or Link, being bored and playing video games, despite anything happening behind them. Like Bowser is kidnapping Peach again and Mario’s just playing DS or something, haha.

  195. James A says:

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams with Phoenix Wright as the bartender, Zelda and Link as the couple and Solid Snake as the lone man.

  196. Nick says:

    The main characters of Briad, Bastion, Limbo, and Super Meat Boy all together running together.

  197. Grant says:

    MegaMan Autopsy!

  198. Peter says:

    Mario Party strip poker.

  199. Evan Ritchie says:

    A Mother 3 custom with Rope Snake, Kumatora and Duster, escaping Castle Ohsohe, hanging out a window.

  200. Stefan says:

    A Whiterun guard with an arrow in the knee

  201. Jay says:

    I figure that would be cool to me would be a tag that is also a creature. Imagine your name piece protecting itself from other bombers.

  202. Kosti says:

    Some monster from the game called “Singularity”. That would be awesome.

  203. Martin Pham says:

    Do a model of Solid Snake creeping up on Sam Fisher whilst himself being crept up on by a creeper.

  204. El moco says:

    Do chubby cherub And those damn dogs.

  205. Ross says:

    Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Bowser all sitting on a couch frat-boy style with loads of mess, beer cans, and a mostly eaten greasy pizza box playing Sonic. (Perhaps a bong too, optional.) Peach could be standing around scantily clad as well, I leave that up to you. =)

  206. Thezombiemessia says:

    Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) and Professor Layton sat playing a game of chess, Layton has just won (Checkmate) and Phoenix is doing his “Objection!” pose at Layton.


    Awesome figure by the way.

  207. Erkut says:

    Be a little bit nostalgic and try thisone if you want:

    Take a couch, like the one from the Simpsons and make it like in a living room from the 80s with an old TV.
    Theres Mario sitting on in, Sonic and the Tentacle from the Day of the Tentacle
    All 3 are Stoned from marihuana and the tentacle is holding ist and makes a crazy laughing face… for exaple like in scary movie the killer does, when he has fun.
    When you like, you can also put Link to them… or the Peach stays near them and makes an angry face.

    Hope i could help you with new ideas.
    Greetings from Germany

  208. Dennis Veenstra says:

    One of the russian dolls from Stacking

    Or Raz from Psychonauts.

  209. John says:

    The Wizard from the Genesis game The Immortal.

  210. Nathangelion013 says:

    The Bastion crew doing . . . something. I don’t really think it matters what that something is.

  211. mitjmac says:

    How about something from the Mother/Earthbound series

  212. Kakkoii says:

    Funny idea! I love it! haha, hope I win 😀

    TMNT’s watching April climb into the back of the News van while wearing a skirt, all looking at her butt 😛 (maybe she even forgot to put panties on heh)

  213. VashTheStampede says:

    You should do a figure of the tetriminos acting out an FPS scene or a collection of them acting as transformers. Since Tetris is awesome 😀

  214. Steve Waite says:

    A StarFox dog-fight!

  215. KittyGotWet says:

    Fat princess both red and blue fighting for the last piece of cake!

  216. Luke says:

    Darth Vader’s insides :)

  217. Evan says:

    A Banjo-Kazooie statue, with Kazooie in the backpack and Mumbo Jumbo off to the side

  218. Russ says:

    Mario and Luigi as geeky teenagers in high school

  219. Adrian Castro says:

    Jake and Finn playing BMO after a hard day of adventuring :)

  220. Brendon says:

    Panzer Dragoon Saga. Not funny sure but definitely challenge

  221. Daniel A Raitz says:

    The metal slug girls (Eri and Fio) Giving the metal slug tank a sexy car wash (tank wash).

  222. Rion says:

    My idea is to do a mashup of Sonic and Mario being kissed on the cheek by Peach and Amy while they Hi-5 each other.

  223. Doubles brain says:

    Samus in her ball form with a usable plinko type board.

  224. Peter says:

    A battle scene from Super Mario RPG: Bowser is equipped with Hurley gloves

  225. The baby metroid in a lava lamp surrounded by hippie space pirates.

  226. Lance says:

    Yoshi & Baby Mario in his bubble! Maybe a few shy-guys in there for good measure.

  227. Jay says:

    Link in a sort of lab with lats of jars filled with different colored pixies like Navi

  228. M.Hisman says:

    Keeping up with the doctor Mario theme, it would be funny to see a bunch of different characters in a waiting room.

  229. Koruwa says:

    Anything with the Woody figure with the creepy grin would be great.

  230. Invasive crab says:

    A metroid Link and a LoZ Samus.

  231. Feralplatypus says:

    A Dragonborn and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid, looking at a sullen Snake who has an arrow in his knee.

  232. kevin says:

    zombies ate my neighbors!!

  233. Rex says:

    Ilo and Milo meets Olimar.


    A mudcrap versing a giant.

  234. colton achilles says:

    Metal Gear solid. Dont know what but do something!

  235. SoraXSky says:

    -The Android playing with the iPhone.

    -The Robot and washing machine. (Robot Chicken)

    -Samurai Pizza Cats.

    -A boy and his blob. What else can the blob turn into?

    -Sora, Riku, Cloud, and Squall all back to back with their weapons drawn. Please???

  236. FlvAvi says:

    I’m thinking Monster Hunter. Now it may be a little tricky, because some of the mosters are very detailed, scales and everything, so it may be a bit of a challenge, but hey, that’s the fun part!

    Lagiacrus or Rathalos would be the usual suspects. They’re rather colorful, too, and look very intimidating. Tons of other options though. Perhaps not your style? I think it would work out great though.

  237. Mike Simpson says:

    Laura Croft from Tomb Raider Mmmmmm.

  238. Jakob says:

    Plants VS Zombies Sunflower being eaten by zombie.

  239. Customdan says:

    You should make starfox r wing shooting down star wolf.would be inteterested in seeing seeing that.

  240. ker-plop says:

    The tragedy of having no hands. Spark Man (Mega Man 3) and a dropped ice cream cone.

  241. Martin says:

    I think a Wander and Colossus scene from Shadow of the Colossus would be EPIC!

  242. Kris says:

    Gordon Freeman smashing in Master Chief’s helmet with a crowbar! That’d be great.

  243. Christopher says:

    Monkey carrying Trip from Enslaved.

  244. Esbee says:

    Vincent riding off on a sheep while Catherine, Katherine, Trish, and Erica chase him. We need some more Atlus love in here!

  245. Ryan says:

    Looks great! You should do something with Crash Bandicoot or Sonic

  246. Russ B. says:

    I think a Kirby-Megaman (Kirby having stolen Megaman’s ability) standing back to back with Megaman-Kirby (Megaman having stolen Kirby’s ability). Sort of a pink Megaman, possibly shooting a star, standing with a blue armoured Kirby

  247. Devon says:

    1) Chibi Robo holding his plug over his head with both hands, and you actually plug the prongs into your outlet at home.
    2)Travis Touchdown watching in shock as Syliva is in the downward dog positon

  248. Benjamin Manoochehri says:

    Ness and Paula on a romantic tandem-bike ride.

  249. Andrew says:

    Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu fighting the Master Hand.

    That, or Peach riding a motorcycle in her biking outfit from Mario Kart Wii doing the splits trick off a jump.

    Or Zelda, Peach, and Samus having tea.

  250. Josh says:

    I really think something playing off the hot chick fixing her car thing and mario kart could be fun.

  251. Jean says:

    -Tim from Braid holding/looking at his watch.
    -The Scythian girl from Superbrothers talking to Dogfella
    or holding the trigon trifecta (upside down triforce).

  252. Raymundo says:

    The cover art of Ghost Trick, or maybe add lynne and ghost sissel at the junkyard.

  253. dan stewart says:

    Great work hope to see more great customs how about a fallout new vegas one?

  254. Chris says:

    Something from the STALKER series!

  255. Bud Maloney says:

    – Exploding minecraft creeper bullet time style. Everything around him is reacting and disintegrating. Chickens, Pigs. Player, would be interesting to make. like a snapshot.

    – death of Jar Jar Binks, that twat

    – Mario as a real plumber, inside a house, working on pipes and fittings

  256. FaeLaRoux says:

    Anything Earthbound!

  257. David says:

    Cortana stepping out of a digital shower

  258. Israel Moisés García Sánchez says:

    Donkey Kong vs Bowser trashing a city (like in a scene of the “King Kong vs Godzilla” movie)

  259. Leon says:

    Lucas pulling out the final needle, with the masked man without his helmet on the floor, while Duster, Kumatora, Boney, and Flint is next to him, and Flint is hurt holding his arm.

  260. Morgan says:

    Chell posed with the companion Cube

  261. Melody Kitn says:

    Here’s a nice big project:

    Suikoden castle with all 108 stars of destiny milling around inside it (I prefer the second game).

  262. Richard B says:

    Link crossing swords in a sword fight against Scott Pilgrim. Link using the Mastersword, and Scott using the Power of Love.

  263. Kojiro says:

    A statue of Mario and Sonic hanging out together, playing Wii would be pretty cool.

  264. JJPH says:

    Chris Redfield punching Final Form Ballos. Clearly terrified Golem (pokémon) is following the whole situation.

  265. jdyjyjcf says:

    Sonic raping Amy.

  266. Miranthalor says:

    Samus going to the zoo and looking at the penguins.

  267. DQ says:

    Such an awesome statue.

    I’d love to see your take Pikmin

  268. Michael Johannsen says:

    Luigi getting payback for all the years of being “Player 2”. Like it would be sweet if Luigi walks into some bar with Commander Shepard and Samus as his back up ready to kick some ass.

  269. FearlessFerret says:

    Ice climbers surrounded by lava

  270. Logan says:

    Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo from Earthbound fighting against Master Barf. Jeff is heaving in the background.

  271. Peter J Olsen says:

    You should do one of Samus in her Other M outfit 😀

  272. Joshua says:

    Ness and Paula from Earthbound

  273. Muharrem says:

    Samus and Masterchief back to back covering eachother!

  274. Ryan says:

    Maybe some persona? or something funny with Zelda and link? maybe with Zelda half inbetween sheik outfit changing and link sees and gets creeped out haha.

  275. Zachary says:

    Zelda themed, keep trucking through classics 😉

  276. david says:

    Bonk! using his head to break things!

  277. Cianne says:

    Wrex getting revenge on Ashley.

  278. Garrett says:

    Optimus Prime with a dude squashed under his foot.

  279. Jerome says:

    Frank West (Clad in children’s clothing and firing a megaman blaster) back to back with John Marston (with an chainsaw evil dead style), surrounded by a circle of zombies.

  280. Jing says:

    – Sonic cheerfully walking on grassy land as tails is drowning underwater behind him
    – Red Spy romancing the Blue Scout’s Mom as he stares in shock from the window

  281. Raylan says:

    the awkward moment when obama gives master chief a medal

  282. rick copes says:

    some good old ultra-violence with chun li vs- zangief

  283. Andrew says:

    Dracula, Blacula, or the Son of Kong!

  284. Chris says:

    Dart from Legend of Dragoon doing anything. Bonus points if he’s fighting a dragon.

  285. Stephanie Refuerzo says:

    Bioshock! Big daddy and a lil sister.

  286. Rick says:

    Classic “US version” Megaman from the original North American NES Box cover
    (Or Street Fighter X Tekken version)
    Please and Thank you :)

  287. Franx12 says:

    Murray the Head from MI4 on the stool, possibly with the Planet Threepwood sign behing him or the Master Chief arm-wrestling with Noble Six. Anything Grim Fandango would be cool too.

  288. Jack says:

    How about Ryu Hayabusa from DOA/Ninja Gaiden offering Kasumi and Ayane beads at Mardi Gras?

  289. CJS229 says:

    Mario cosplaying as Old Snake from MSG4

  290. be groom says:

    You should do Megaman with a tear streaming down his cheek holding a copy of Brawl in one hand and a copy of MvC 3 in the other.

  291. Pingback: oh… Dr. mario… | joe randel's art dump

  292. Philip Underwood says:

    It would be cool if they had a custom figure where samus aran was completely nude. That is all.

  293. Avery says:

    Peach in skin tight suit……. you know you want it

  294. Eddie says:

    Peach and Zelda boxing it out ala Rocky… with Mario and Link in the appropriate corners.

  295. Haaris says:

    Donkey Kong teaching Diddy Kong the”ropes” of barrel throwing…..

  296. Steelson says:

    Captain Falcon tinkering on the engine of the Blue Falcon.

  297. jimi says:

    Mario and Luigi as Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

  298. Zion Grassl says:

    Link & Ganon in the final scene of Windwaker!!! I dont want to post spoilers to people who still havnt played it :p

  299. jcovi says:

    Riddick vs. Riley.

  300. blaine says:

    Something with master chief and Cortana.

  301. Getsuyoubi says:

    The player from minecraft running away from a creeper or spider-jockey

  302. Evangelist Pinto says:

    A charr (from the guild wars mmo) fighting some penguins!

  303. Kevbacon says:

    Link getting attacked by the chickens and zelda face palming

  304. Scott says:

    “Bad-cover-art” Mega Man standing among a sea of broken/destroyed figures of Mega Man X, Mega Man Volnut, Mega Man (regular,) and Mega Man NT…
    Raising his murder weapon of choice: an orange Nintendo Zapper.

  305. Samuel says:

    You should stay in the nintendo subject and do something about Link and Zelda, or something with paper mario and a 3d character !

  306. Karol says:

    Donkey Kong and Pauline playing Shoots and Ladders.

  307. Elizabeth says:

    Link and Zelda cross-dressing as each other.

  308. Ali Madha says:

    Spider-man upside down kissing gwen stacy with mary jane about to punch gwen in the face behind her back

  309. Nathan N says:

    Olimar, Louie, and 100 Pikmin.

  310. Joe says:

    Something that mixes Pikim with Plants vs Zombies!

  311. Ali Madha says:

    Ganon holding links bow and arrow wondering “How the eff he gets him every damn time?”

  312. Max says:

    Ratchet and Clank!

  313. Bryan moss says:

    Def something with old school contra.

  314. Josh G. says:

    Video games need more characters “of color”. So why not start with a revisionist Mario Bros. cast where all of the characters are black?

  315. KuromanKuro says:

    Could you make link throwing a boomerang midair at an octorock?

  316. Inacio says:

    Meat Boy and Bandage Girl.

  317. Anastassia says:

    I would love to see the Great Fairy from Ocarina of Time in gorgeous toy form.

  318. Aizel Rivera says:

    Rash Kicking The Dark Queen with the Big Boot.

  319. Ranma says:

    Alpha Weltall from Xenogears. You could have it doing the “dropping from the air, one knee aimed towards the ground” pose. 7:07 on. Most badass mech in the history of mecha, bar none.

  320. M. Link says:

    Knight Mario in full armor riding on his faithful war-dino, Yoshi.

  321. Type R07 says:

    Old school TMNT vs super shredder

  322. Sharp says:

    Classic megaman staring quizzically at the megaman from Street Fighter X Tekken.

  323. Brian says:

    Zangief from Street Fighter and Abobo from Double Dragon fighting each other (one giving the other a piledriver, maybe), with Chun-Li and Marian (Double Dragon love interest) in the background, giggling and admiring the view. Alternatively you could add/replace two of the characters with Haggar and Jessica from Final Fight.

  324. Matt says:

    You should do one of Link and Zelda in a romantic (sfw) embrace.

  325. Hamza says:

    Captain Falcon falcon punching Samus Aran straight in the vag hole

  326. Mid says:

    Samus vs. Megaman.

  327. iTZATRIK says:

    Futurama Bender facing off versus Gundam Wing

  328. Chow says:

    Yoshi as T-Rex from Jurassic Park

  329. Milk says:

    Solid snake in a box, watching meril in washroom taking her top off.

  330. TheMilkman says:

    The original turok, riding a yoshi, while charging one of the hammer bros

  331. Jesper says:

    Megaman vs Samus Aran…

  332. Manuel says:

    This should be good not sure but young link and young zelda running and come across skull kid with majoras mask, about to attack!!!!!!

  333. Gizmo says:

    Some or one of the mario karts being washed by some or one of the ladies in a “suitable” outfit while one of the boys are under the car or cars working on it and just by accident happen to peak there heads out from under the car and just per chance get an interesting view whilst looking up

  334. Name Goes Here says:

    Billy and Jimmy Lee about to hit each other in the face while Marion is running off with a nameless goon!

  335. Seen says:

    Commander Keen and his trusty zap gun chasing a metroid?

  336. ice_hiboy says:

    8bit Simon Belmont would be awesome

  337. ArcherV20 says:

    Solid Snake hiding under a box

  338. Paul Abruzzo says:

    Samus holding her helmet after a hard-day’s fight.

  339. Andreas says:

    How about Chun-li and Cammy from Street Fighter? Possibly relaxing in a Japanese hot spring?

  340. Julian says:

    Melody from Rune Factory. :p

  341. EugenS says:

    Plants vs zombies. A zombie boy giving a peashooter to his zombie girlfriend.

  342. AJV says:

    Samus Aran in a BioShock Big Daddy suit without the helmet. She has a “oops, did I do that” expression on her face and her arms making the universal “I don’t know” gesture. The helmet is on the ground. One Little Sister staring down at the helmet with a look of disbelief on her face with her mouth and eyes wide open. Finally, a second angry, slightly crouched, Little Sister pointing her ADAM syringe at Samus. I know it sounds a little complex, but I thought this would be a great crossover. Also, if you do end up making it, let me have first dibs at purchasing it. 😀

  343. Exovedate says:

    Sackboy and Tag ‘creating’ a road runner style trap to catch/kill Mario speeding in his kart.

  344. rock man says:

    8-bit mega man

  345. Taylor says:

    Samus Aran half out of her suit putting on suntan lotion.

  346. Beefyfife says:

    Companion cube meets tetris with the companion cube in the center as a 2×2 block and around the outside are the design of a heart with the final brick at the top being game over(on the screen) but the heart will have been completed. I have an MS paint (took over 9000 hours to complete) if you would like a rough sketch.

  347. Jeff says:

    Jack frost and pyro jack from Shin Megami Tensei

  348. Voltron, made of NES figures instead of robot lions.

  349. ToFo says:

    I’mplaying SuperMarioRpg right now, and I thino Geno need some love. Maybe a battle pose with its star gun!

  350. Starlight Breaker says:

    Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations and eggman gettin pwned 😀

  351. HB says:

    One phrase, FUS RO DAH! That would be epic.

  352. james ramsay says:

    sub zero and mr freeze having a drink at a bar.

  353. Helio says:

    A laidback Samus, having a beer (or similar drink) in a space station bar. Armor on, but helmet off (probably on top of the bar counter). Maybe have Toad as the barman?

  354. Jeff Mazziotta says:

    MegaMan playing MvC3 with a big frown on his face since he didnt make the cut (or anything megaman related)

    Arthur from ghosts and goblins in his underwear jumping and throwing a lance at an enemy with his armor broken on the ground beneath him

    anything river city ransom related ( maybe alex(mid-air?) hurling a bad guy at another one and as he is getting hit with the bad guy some coins falling out (with corresponding facial expressions) )

    the ninja turtles crew hanging out and eating some pizza with some wu-tang clan or other suitably funny posters on the wall(old school kung-fu movie maybe)

    Paperboy throwing his newspaper through the window of a house of a pissed off famous (or recognizable vid game char)

    those are a few quick ideas! Hope you like them

  355. adrian says:

    samus vs alien

  356. carlos says:

    how about mario on a psychodelic trip for eating mushroms

  357. John says:

    I’d say go for a steampunk Pikmin: Olimar and two or three different Pikmin in trippy steampunk style. For example you can make the red Pikmin have something with exhaust pipes and fire or you can make a yellow Pikmin with electric devices attached to it.

  358. Toby Thornton says:

    Zero suit samus kicking some Alien ass!

  359. Kevin V says:

    Definitely a megaman scene with doctor Robotnik in a stalker bot or flying bot

  360. lcs21680 says:

    link and zelda in dirty dancing

  361. justin says:

    Samus removeing all her armor after a long days work

  362. cack says:

    Earthworm Jim on his rocket!

  363. giovanni says:

    master chief that kill hello kitty XD

  364. Deryck J. says:

    Gordan Freeman and Alyx Vance, hand in hand walking 3 headcrabs on leashes.

  365. Christopher Doogle says:

    As a sequel for the Dr.Mario Theme, How about Mario in plumber form, working underneath a sink, showing only below the neck or something with peach either staring or about to touch mario’s Junk.

  366. Stuart says:

    I’d go with little sisters torturing a bid daddy s&m style or

    a female rifting guard with an arrow to her knee, knelt down just in front of a dragon born with his hands on his hips standing proudly.

    That’s my two pence worth anyways.

  367. chris thornton says:

    what goes on inside a pokeball! 😀

  368. tom kidron says:

    I’m a sucker for first person shooters, so i think a custom from “Doom” or “wolfenstein 3d” would be great.
    Also, you can always go for “Duck hunt” on the NES. an oldie, but a classic one.

  369. Tim says:

    The dragonborn absorbing a dragon soul, make for a kick-ass toy.

  370. Mark says:

    Slob Link sitting on a sofa with Zelda in an apron nagging him

  371. oussama says:

    Make a sculpture of Link sitting on a rock while princess zelda is kneeling infront of Link to patch his wounded knee.. but she is showing some cleavage wich Link subtly sneaks a peak at!!

  372. Jacopo says:

    Neo (from “The Matrix”) vs Albert Wesker (from “Resident Evil 5”)

  373. Kefka as a waiter for the cast of Final Fantasy VI.

  374. MR says:

    Purple and Green Tentacle and Dr. Fred running from the meteor!

  375. RandomGuy says:

    Sir Arthur from Ghosts n’ Goblins!

  376. Kram says:

    next step can be that mario go away from yoshi and toad che cries

  377. Matthew Hickerson says:

    Gon the mini T-Rex taking a nap in the Deku tree while Navi flits around him and Link tries to knock him out of the tree with the master sword. The wise owl could be sitting in the branches and you could have a host of characters onlooking as Link aimlessly tries to get at Gon. You could even have a few characters trying to help him: Mega Man charging his buster, Mario with a fireball, Samus, or Sonic about to chuck a ring.

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  379. David says:

    I’m thinking Ms.Pacman underneath a lampost give her legs and put fishnet stockings on her hooker style.
    Who do you know that eats more balls for a quarter?

  380. HelloKoopa says:

    Kirby trying to inhale Dedede a little too hard, and leaving only his skeleton behind.

  381. Lando says:

    I’d really love to see a custom of Comet from Bust A Groove. I bet nobody’s done that before. She can be sipping a soda she had just turned somebody into.

  382. Maarten says:

    (Cortex command) A clone defending a bunker with a brain inside.

    Completely unknown game…

  383. Ezequiel Cabrera says:

    Mega man being built by Dr. light, Frankenstein style!

  384. crimsonsoulz says:

    How about a custom master chief/halo spartan vs Gordon freeman with random flood/headcrabs everywhere.

  385. Cal Neuvost says:

    Next do Dr. Link and Dr. Samus. Great work, man!

  386. jason says:

    Anything with Captain Falcon.

  387. Isaac says:

    FF7 main characters dancing: Cait Sith is the DJ

  388. Ronald Steve de León Arana says:

    A tribute to megaman legends, or a character from adventure time playing an old gameboy game on beemo

  389. limb says:

    What about a bunch of zombie Mushroom Pikmin / Puffmin killing Olimar?

  390. Kyle Gagnon says:

    I think you should do Samus (metroid) and a Sister of Battle (warhammer 40k) having tea with the mad hatter (Alice in wonderland, not the Batman villain)

    Make it so!

  391. Cecelia says:

    Incorporate a Gonk droid!!!

  392. Marco says:

    Zelda !!!

  393. Mike M. says:

    Roger Wilco from Space Quest, include some space monkeys from Space Quest V


    Leisure Suit Larry!!!!!

  394. Neon Wind says:

    Sculpture that is actually a Board Game. Mario Party would be awesome.

    OR… a 3d Candy Land but with Game Characters like the great mighty poo, princess peach, Ganandorf as the figures around the board.

  395. Roberto says:

    Jackie Estacado from the Darkness dueal weilding pistols with the darkness coming out of him grabbing an enemy.

  396. Doug says:

    Calvin and hobbes hugging or exploring.

  397. James Kwan says:

    A Megaman zero series final boss. Preferably in Megaman Zero 3 as Megaman zero Omega starts in his first form and fades/transforms into his second and third forms.

  398. Tyler says:

    I would like to see earthbound get the appreciation it’s due.

  399. Sammy Casteneda says:

    Samus in her bikini washing her gunship

  400. Alberto says:

    Wario and Waluigi vs a lot of zombies Toad 😀

  401. Rzezniq says:

    Drug addicted Pac-Man or Mrs.Pac-Man as meth-head.

  402. bryan says:

    A goomba!

  403. HarmfulSpork says:

    One of the Monsters from Shadow Of Colossus.

  404. Matt Birken says:

    Barret from FF7 at anger management class. I picture a circle of chairs and chalk board with anger management written on it. Barret has an angry face on, is posed standing up while steadying his arm gun. The people are terrified and Aeris is sitting next to him crying or trying to calm him down.

    Yoshi running from a T-Rex in Jurassic Park or as an exhibit. The tram is going by filled with people and you see a disappointed Yoshi and a stoked Birdo with his?/her? arm around him smiling at the folks.

    The adventure island caveman confused and amazed by the portal robot

  405. Tim says:

    Kirby eating Kirby eating Kirby eating Kirby…

  406. Dustin Williamson says:

    The Blaster Master truck would be killer.

  407. Leyaire says:

    You should try making a custom guild wars theme. One example, make Eve from the necro class with a small setting, like in a grave yard holding her skull, or her doing a small summon of raising the dead.

  408. Matt says:

    Wario and Team Rocket against Mario, Peach, Ash and Misty??? 😀

  409. Jonas Pedersen says:

    The goldielocks scene from the first Kings Quest

  410. Brandon says:

    S & M Mario and Luigi

  411. Chaxo says:

    I really want to see Solid Snake and Raiden in a bar !

  412. Tom says:

    Mr Resetti from Animal Crossing

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  414. Kirk says:

    Loved your Yoshi Mech. Every thought of doing a cut out of the Star fox cruiser? Keep up the great work.

  415. Paul says:

    Anyone from the classic PC game, “Day of the Tentacle”.

  416. Troilus says:

    Venturing from video games…. some sort of scene with Cassie and Vlad and Pooch from the hack/slash comic would be grand.

  417. chompison says:

    Duke Nukem with a pregnator on his face.

  418. daniel mcmahon says:

    Big Mayor Mike Hagger.

  419. PLAYER01 says:

    A scene from Zelda: Twilight princess!

    Specifically a boss scene- this was what I was thinking.
    Zelda on the floor, laying on her side- looking like she’s about to shoot from her light arrow? What’s she shooting at? Why she’s shooting at Gannondorf in his beast form! On his hind legs, , almost standing up., mouth agape and wide- with his paws stretched out violently. Why violently?
    Because link’s on top of him, shoving his sword into his skull, with one hand on the sword and the other holding onto a piece of fur trying to hold on?
    I think that’d be pretty cool- really impressive if you could pull it off.
    But if you wanted a simpler idea- why not just mold a replica of a trophy from Super Smash Bros for whichever character you like dude?

  420. Justin Gil says:

    A fat Solid Snake trying to hide in a box he’s clearly too big for.

  421. Carlos Perez says:

    You know how in Zelda OoT every time Link puts the Master Sword back on its pedestal he becomes a child again? How about a figure with Link putting the sword back and when he’s a child again his clothes are too big for him!

  422. Luke says:

    Something in the mass effect universe for sure!

  423. Wes says:

    The dog from Duck Hunt, hunting Angry Birds. I mean if I can go buy freaking Angry Birds band-aids it’s about time somebody shoots them.

  424. Kalamar E. Keith says:

    A Mother compilation; Ninten, Ness, and Lucas holding their bats/sticks in the air.

  425. John Howell says:

    How about some Megaman characters playing in a ROCK and ROLL band?

  426. Tom McKimm says:

    I’m a huge fan of SNES games, especially Chrono Trigger, so how about Chrono, Frog, and Robo(three of my favorite characters) doing their Triple Attack. Or you could recreate one of the scenes out of the original game artwork. I always liked this one

  427. Will Zhu says:

    Dhalsim meditating, or using his stretchy limbs on some mundane task.

  428. Jason says:

    More Peach!

  429. Terence moore says:

    Justin Bailey version of Samus Aran.

  430. Henrik says:

    How about the twins from fatal frame 2? that series deserves lots of love :)


  431. KJM says:

    Brave Fencer Musashi

  432. Steve T. says:

    Fox from Starfox and Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog in the Death Star, Great Fox or Samus’ Gunship

  433. Chewbafett says:

    L4D… Bill crawling on the ground with a Tank charging in the background. Make it epic!

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  435. Patrick Walls says:

    Fus Ro Dah for the prospective of the one just about to be hit with it. Stuff in the air, incoming shockwave. Table Warrior with an arrow in his knee. anything that makes what is happening make scene

  436. Algernon says:

    Samus fighting a Metroid or Mother Brain!

  437. Cobo says:

    Zero Suit Baby Head/Hoover from Captain Commando

  438. Jenn says:

    Kirby about to be eaten by Yoshi. :)

  439. Dean Martin says:

    The Kid from Bastion in his ‘grumpy faced sat on the cliff edge’ pose dangilnig his cog on a string but have it as a bookend so his feet and cog actually dangle over the edge of the shelf!

  440. Poss says:

    Oooh ok … Peach in the a Terminator diorama being stalked by a beaten up creepy Luigi, clawing at her with his cyborg arm.

  441. Bhavish Vallabhje says:

    Gordan Freeman playing catch with dog.

  442. Poss says:

    Peach planet terror style… kicking some ass with her minigun apendige.

  443. Ahmad Makki says:

    Samus blazing a joint with her gun

  444. Jody Cecchetto says:

    Dr. Mario high as hell! Ahahaha 😉

  445. Nicolas says:

    What about a “GOW vs GOW”: ps3’s God of War’s Kratos versus X360’s Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix?

  446. romain bodinier says:

    Nice scuplture by the way !!!!

    Some ideas:

    the Big “N” for nintendo, and lots of female Nintendo chara at his feets (peach, Daysi, even Yoshi’s girl friend, Samus, etc…)

    yoshi looking at the sky on a red kennel “snoopy style” version + an egg in his plate and a chomp chained try to grab it.

    Captain Falcon stuck an angry on a classic super mario Kart .

    HF and GL 😉

  447. Francisco says:

    Manny Calavera with his white suit. Smoking of course.

  448. Robert Greathouse says:

    I’m thinking of Samus. In a similar vein, she could be putting on or taking off her suit.

  449. Xerdo says:

    Something equally perverted involving Peach, Daisy, Zelda and Samus. I know it’s cliché nowadays, but still, it’s classy. And stuff.

  450. David says:

    Agent Francis York Morgan (Deadly Premonition)

  451. Tak says:

    Simon Belmont whips Samus and her clothes explodes.

  452. Andrew B. says:

    Princess Peach or Zelda in a parody of the famous Marilyn Monroe pose, trying to keep their dress down while standing over a grate.

  453. Bryan says:

    Samus Aran and the Metroid hatchling!

  454. Phil says:

    Samus feeding a baby Metroid in a high chair.

  455. magus barba says:

    A Samus Aran posing like a classic pin up girl. Or the iwo yima flag raising by the classic nintendo games, mario link etc.

  456. Jme Wheeler says:

    Wow, this is great! Dr. Mario is one of my favorite games of all time. In fact, I play it almost daily. As for a new custom figure, I think Mother brain would be pretty awesome.

  457. Brian Robertson says:

    Post Apocalyptic Zelda, Link and Gannon.
    Post Apocalyptic Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi.
    Anything with the Pip-Boy from the Fallout Series.

  458. Kevin.P says:

    Dante locking swords with Vergil or Nero or Trish with Sparda. with all the ground breaking up around them from the force of impact.

  459. JRT M. says:

    Samus playing Metroid on the couch.

  460. Cory says:

    Zero Suit Samus!

  461. MURPHtheSURF says:

    Something Legend of Zelda crossed with Metroid would be awesome.

  462. Ian says:

    I want to see Simon Belmont get swarmed by evil zombie Pikmin!

  463. Mario Ipri from Naples (Italy) says:

    Mario che sta aggiustando il tubo del lavandino (da bravo idraulico) a Peach in vestaglia, e lei pronta a sedurlo buahahahahahah

    Mario Ipri (class 1985)

  464. tyler says:

    Darth Vader pushing Boba Fett on a swing set.

  465. Michael says:

    How about battle toads meet double dragon?

  466. James says:

    Luigi from Luigis Mansion with his vacuum in a maid outfit with a scowl.

  467. I would love to see a custom based off of CN’s Adventure Time. And as fas as video games go, the fight between Naked Snake and The Boss at the end of MGS3 would be killer. Or maybe The Prince rolling up a katamari with some things stuck to it……ooh or The King of All Cosmos!

    Anyways, awesome job and Happy Early Birthday!

  468. Justin LeBlanc says:

    What about a Gumball? Not the candy, the cartoon character.

  469. Remi Trana says:

    Zombie Totoro would be awesome, perhaps having Satsuki and Mei runnong in fear.

  470. Clark says:

    The giant baby and the three heads from Yu-baaba’s room in Spirited Away (They’re called Bou and Kashira).

  471. JBS says:

    A tentacle, doormat, and key from Maniac Mansion.

  472. landon says:

    something different… since it was the end of the NFL season… you should do a Zombie Tebow, Tebowing on a bed of bones!!!!

  473. SamSam says:

    Well i thought that Mario and Luige as zombie killers killing zombie Goombas and zombie Koopas

  474. talbot says:

    a four-faced brahma statue featuring mario’s powerups. frogsuit mario, tanooki mario, wing-cap, and metal mario. holding different items from the games like hammers, a feather, with a chain chomp (a la salacious crumb).

  475. Dennis says:

    Metal Gear Solid cast as zombies.

  476. DMajorBoss says:

    Intriguing piece that you have here.

    As for the contest…how about a sort of “unity” piece with Sonic and Mario clasping hands?

    Eh, quick idea in short notice.


    Thank you for the share and opportunity!

  477. Sal says:

    Samus working the pole with Metroids in the crowd.

  478. Tolili2 says:

    Link kissing Zelda.

  479. Cloud, Squall, Yitan and Tidus dressing like the four guys of The Clorkwork Orange. You know, like this:

  480. Francis says:

    Zombies ate my neighbours!!!

  481. homersan says:

    Zombie Jar Jar Binks force choked by Darth Vader.

  482. Chris P says:

    I was thinking a Punch out meets little nemo. Maybe little Mac just couldn’t beat Tyson and is in a dream world or at the Psychs office.

  483. Antonio Miguel Gomez Luque says:

    Link breaking a super mario cube to get the rupia inside!!!

  484. Rodrigo Eguez says:

    Bomberman trying to go through an airport security check point. Castle Crashers trying to take down wall street. Another idea that has nothing to do with video games but that I really want to see is a Calvin and Hobbes statue.

  485. Souji says:

    A figure of Daisy kidnaping Peach (and Peach must be in a position that let see her panties)

  486. Leandro says:

    A zombie water his plant (from Plant vs. Zombies)

  487. Oscar Luján says:

    Pincess Peach and Princess Daisy in bikini playing voleyball using Toad as ball =P

  488. Hiyame says:

    You should of course do something from Mass Effect, preferably Garrus being badass with MaleShep. I would pay loads of money for that. For real.

  489. jkang says:

    ogmo and friends

    from the game jumper

  490. Dontron says:

    How bout the historic battle between Ryu and Sagat? Ryu shoryukening and giving Sagat his scar

  491. RM says:

    any character from “Final Fantasy” eating a baked Chocobo.

  492. SeluXL says:

    A figure about the characters or the gears of the game called XENOGEARS for the psx! There are no official figures or anything about the best rpg ever made! It deserves a great figure at least! I will buy it in no time and i think that there will be a lot of fans of this great game that probably thinks the same as me.
    Sorry for my horrible english, i’m from Spain.
    Thanks for all and please consider to make a figure about xenogears! XD

  493. Super K-MO says:

    How about Super Mario holding a flame thrower and fighting hordes of Goomba’s Bob-om’s, and Kupas!

  494. Scott says:

    Samus fighting tentacruels (they look kind of like metroids). Would be a cool crossover of the two games.

  495. DeMyztikX says:

    Well, you seem to enjoy Nintendo characters as well as zombies.
    Donkey Kong, carrying Pauline, to escape from zombie Mario. Kind of puts the games into a little perspective there.

  496. Tyler says:

    A figurine of either Cubone or Marowak visiting their mother’s grave, seeing as their skull masks are supposed to be their mother’s. Or in the same vein, you could have one of a Cubone fashioning itself a mask with a headless Cubone corpse somewhere in the figure too.

  497. Scarecroodle says:

    Metal Man using a Saw-esque trap on Megaman.

    Or Zero slicing something apart.

    Or koopa-stacking

  498. Barshank says:

    a pokemon theme

    pikachu eating a Rattata?

  499. Phil says:

    How about the center piece being a paddling pool filled with mud, with Daisy and Peach in the pool, dressed in skimpy bikinis and mud wrestling while Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bowser etc are round the pool cheering and holding dollar bills. Kind of a party scene. A sexy party scene.

  500. The beast says:

    Angry birds destroying a pigs hideout

  501. Deuskull says:

    Zelda in a mecha or in a battle suit.

  502. Julie says:

    A Plants vs. Zombie custom, with a zombie staggering to his knees as a menacing looking sunflower smiles evilly.

  503. RONIN6_9@HOTMAIL.COM says:

    Mr. Saturns from Earthbound invading Earth.

  504. Harlan says:

    Samus Aran (possibly end of game sexy Samus) with her blaster pointed at Link. His arms are above his head and sword lying on the ground in front of him.

  505. Chris K says:

    Calvin and Hobbes!

  506. /|/ATE says:

    Well, it may have ended, but I would like to post an idea. :)
    Why not Banjo-Kazooie or something? Hot Gruntilda, or some baddies or something! 😀

  507. Freeman59 says:

    Want a mixed Mario with PSY Gangnam Style 😀

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