Feb 28 2012

Kodykoala’s Custom Koopa Airship Bookends

Airship Bookends

I have been wanting a custom set of bookends for a long time. I saw a Minimates pirate ship and thought it would be perfect for an airship. I have a bunch of Furuta Mario figures, so I picked the different Koopa kids for the ship. The front of the ship is a Bowser head that I cut and sculpted to fit the front. The propellers are LEGO pieces. The rest is mainly figure placement and repaint. I made the bookends blue to seem like it was flying in the sky. Unfortunately, this is not for sale, but if you would like to see more pictures, go to My Flickr Page.


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  1. rudy

    it’s a very beautifull custom ::: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! I like it !!!
    very good job !!!!

    I’m french, so sorry for my english 😉

  2. Scarecroodle

    Meh, like it better as a non-bookend. Very awesome concept.

    1. kodykoala

      I thought that at first, but I wanted something functional in my office that looked cool. I may have to do one that is not cut in half.

  3. MM-Royalninja

    Again Awsome work. I wish you would sell these !(this one and the mushroom christmas house you made….That one rock’d !)

  4. Timato

    I love it! where did you get the toy to make that? or did you sculpt it yourself? I really want one. It makes all my childhood dreams come true! 🙂

    1. kodykoala

      The ship is a minimates pirate ship, the koopa kids are furuta choco egg figures and the others are just figures I had around. I hope this helps and thanks for the great comment.

  5. Francesco

    If you wanna sell it, i would buy it!! 😀 😀

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