Kodykoala’s Custom Business Card Holder

Custom Business card holder

Here is a custom business card holder that I made for El Paso Comic Con. I used toys that I had lying around like a Burger King Donkey Kong toy, and Ironman figure and an extra Skylanders figure. I was also messing around with how to make Apoxie sculpt look like rock. I think it came out good. I think that next time I will use a flat clear coat though. If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page.

I also want to remind everyone that I am raffling the Hungry Hungry Koopas game. I am only selling 300 tickets for $3 a piece, so chances of winning are really good. I have sold about half the tickets already, so get them while you can in My Store. Time is running out to get your tickets.

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