Custom Painted Groot Bop It!

“The last surviving member of a tree-like alien race, Groot is perhaps one of the most unusual beings in all the cosmos. Though calm and quiet in most instances, he is known to unleash his tremendous strength on any enemy foolish enough to threaten his allies, particularly his long- time partner in crime, Rocket. Though he can only vocalize using the phrase, “I am Groot,” the gentle giant’s friends are nevertheless able to understand his exact meaning through his subtle inflections.”

Here is a custom painted Groot Bop It! Game. I wanted a little Groot figure, but all of the decent looking ones were really expensive. I saw this at my local Wal Mart, and I new it could look awesome! As you can see from the picture, the one on the right is the original and has a lot to be desired. The best part is that this is still a functional Bop It!

If you are interested in buying one, I have a few available on My Etsy Store. Thanks.

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