Kodykoala’s Custom Koala Crash Soopa and Animation

Koala Crash Soopa

Here is my latest Soopa Coin-up Bros. Custom. I combined my love on animation, koalas, electronics, video games and vinyls into one compact little piece. Check out the pictures on My Flickr. I used an old Gameboy Advance SP that I had lying around and an EZFLASH III. I think it came out very well, even though the video is a little grainy. I am going to post the actual cartoon on my website or on youtube eventually.

Kodykoala’s Custom Homestarrunner Soopa

Custom Soopa Homestarrunner

Check out my latest custom Soopa/Munny. I made a custom Bubs Munny, and then I made the Soopa to be his concession stand. It took me a while to get the idea together, but I think it came out great. The hardest part was probably figuring out what to make the counter top out of. Check out pictures of my Bubs Munny and my Bubs’ Concession Stand

KodyKoala’s Lakitu Custom Munny

Lakitu Munny

Check out my latest custom. This is my first try at sculpting actual parts for a munny. The idea was really good, but I think the follow through lacked a little bit. I could have done a lot better job on the nose and the glasses, but Epoxy putty is so hard to work with and it dries so fast. I think I may have to invest in some Milliput instead. Maybe that will work better. For what it’s worth, this was still a great learning experience, and hopefully the next sculpt will be better. I also had to switch Clear Coats. I use to use this stuff that I found at Wal-Mart, but they stopped carrying it. I switched to Automotive Clear Coat. It seems to work good, but I have to be careful because it likes to clump. Check out all the pictures on My Flickr.

KodyKoala’s Yo! Noid Soopa Custom

Yo Noid Soopa Coin Up Custom

Check out my latest custom vinyl. I decided to pull out some nostalgia by doing this Soopa Coin Up Bros. Vinyl with the old game Yo! Noid. I really love this DIY kit by ESCToys. I was really inspired, and though it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it, it came out really nice. For more pictures, check out my Flickr Page.

KodyKoala’s Toad Munny!

Toad Munny

I have been really motivated lately to paint Vinyl, so I am going to show off my Toad Munny from Super Mario Bros. I love the way the face came out. The cool thing is that I was featured on That Girl’s Site, which is cool because nobody has every really seen my stuff. My piranha Plant Munny was also featured on Tomopop. I can’t wait to finish my next great idea!

KodyKoala’s Piranha Plant Munny

Piranha Plant

Usually I post about cool toys that other people have made, but today I am showing one of my own. I just finished it this weekend, and I think it came out awesome. This is my Piranha Plant, and you can see more pictures at Flickr. Tell me what you think, I love getting feedback and comments on what I can do better!

Peecol Christmas Party!

Peecol Party

Here is my Peecol Christmas Party scene that I made. The pictures are on Flickr. It was fun, and I did this one to wish everyone a happy holidays. I don’t know how much updating I will be doing to the next couple of weeks. The new baby will be here soon, and I will be really busy with that, so I probably won’t update until I get back to work on January 14th. Until then, please enjoy this story of:

The Peecol Christmas Party (Graphic Intensive)

Dr. Roswell Hard at Work

Dr. Roswell Pic

I have been in a sort of picture taking mood, so I decided to make some custom scenes with some of my toys. I just got the Roswell Peecol from Kidrobot and I thought it would be great to make a mad scientist’s laboratory. Luckily I still have all my Mega Blocks, Area 51 toys, so they worked perfectly. I especially love the lighting that I used. I am not a professional, but this was a lot of fun. If you want to check out the rest of the pics to this set, you can check out my Flickr page.

My First Custom Dunnys

My Custom Dunny Pics

I finally got a chance to try my hand at making Dunnys. These are my first two attempts. I get zero points for creativity for the ninja turtle, but I think the zombie came out really good. I love the severed head almost falling off. The stitches are awesome too. Check out my official forum post.