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Mar 12 2016

Kodykoala’s Custom Luigi’s Mansion Scene

Luigi's Mansion

Here is another commissioned piece. The buyer wanted a Luigi’s Mansion diorama where Luigi was blowing up Princess Peach’s dress with the Poltergust. Here is the final result. This was a really cool idea, and I was happy to do this. This is totally an idea I would do (especially after the Dr. Mario piece)

I used a World of Nintendo Princess Peach. I sculpted the dress from scratch, and the legs are from a random anime figure I had lying around. The Luigi is a Bandai Figuarts figure. I filled in the joints to make him a statue, and the hands were modified to hold the Poltergust. The Poltergust and the ghost were sculpted from scratch.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page.

Feb 06 2016

Kodykoala’s Custom Mario Mech Hangar Bay

Mario Mech Hangar Bay

Here is one of my biggest projects to date. This project is about 18 inches wide x 14 inches deep x 16 inches tall. I have been working on this for the last year (off and on), and it was well worth the time it took. The Mario Mech has already been done, but I wanted to show all the work it takes to put one together. Mario has a specialized team of Engineers and Technicians helping to maintain and repair this giant Mech.

I used the Giant Mario cut in half, and studded with straight pins to look like rivets. The base is a mechanical chain base, and the scaffolding is made from LEGO bricks. I used a lot of parts from my spare parts bins, and I used up a whole lot of my Nintendo figures. Most of the hand tools are LEGO minifigure tools. I gave this a “dirty” painting style so that it had a grimy feel.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. Please like me on Facebook to see works in progress and stuff that I don’t post here.

Jan 29 2016

Kodykoala’s Custom Minion Brothers

Mario Minions

Here is a quick custom I did with some McDonald’s Minions. I used Vinyl Mario hats and Minions I got at the thrift store. It was a fun project. If you want to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page.

Jan 24 2016

Kodykoala’s Custom Midna Nendoroid

Midna Nendoroid

I always thought that Midna would make an extremely cute Nendoroid, so I decided to make it. It took me quite a while to figure out a base figure to use. I did not make her articulate, so that I could focus on her features. I used a Super Sonico Nendoroid figure, and a ton of sculpting on the head.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. I am currently taking commissions, so if you are interested in an original figure, please let me know.

Jul 12 2015

KodyKoala’s Custom Amiibos

Custom Amiibos

I have been a little slow picking up on the whole Amiibo trend, but now I am going at it full swing. Half of the Amiibos are my idea, and the rest are remakes of Amiibos that others have made. I love the creativity people are having with them. I still have a bunch of other ideas that I am going to bring out, but I wanted to show off all the ones I have done up till now.

If you are interested in purchasing these, I will have them in My Etsy Store when I get back in town in a few weeks. If you would like to see more pictures, I have them up in My Flickr Gallery.

Apr 05 2015

Kodykoala’s Custom Bowser’s Airship Playset

Bowser's Airship

As a kid, I always wanted Nintendo to make an awesome playset to live out my adventures with Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Bowser. I had the opportunity to actually make such a set, and it turned out really cool.

I used a Playmobil pirate ship, a bunch of Super Mario Bros. figures, and some extra stuff I had lying around to make this playset come to life. I wanted to make sure it was supper durable, so I did at least four coats of clear coat on almost every piece. It was a lot of paint used, but well worth it in the end.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. Unfortunately this is not for sale because it was a commissioned piece. If you are interested in my other customs, please visit My Etsy Page. Thanks so much ^_^

Jul 04 2014

Kodykoala’s Giant Bowser

Giant Bowser and Princess Peach

I don’t typically work with figure this big, but when I saw there was a giant Vinyl Bowser, I had to think of something to do with him. I was thinking Mech at first, but the pose and Articulation of the figure did not fit well with a Mech, so I decided to make him in a classic situation with Princess Peach. This figure stands almost 10 inches tall and is actually part of a bigger piece that I haven’t had time to finish, so I thought I would at least show the figure that will be part of it.

The Princess is actually a mixture of three different figures. I had a vinyl Princess peach that I used for the head, a Nami One Piece figure for the legs, and a Onegai Teacher Anime figure for the torso and arms. This took me forever to finish, but the results were really cool. Hopefully I will be able to finish the rest soon.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page. Thanks 🙂

Apr 17 2014

Kodykoala’s Princess Peach Wrecking Ball

Princess Peach Wrecking Ball

I thought it was about time I did another contest. This time it is really easy to enter and win. All you have to do is go to My Facebook Page and Like my page and share the post with my Princess Peach Wrecking ball figure. This contest is open to anyone, including overseas and foreign. Just pass the word on about My Facebook Page and share My Picture. Contest ends on May 15, 2014.

The original idea for this came from My Brother. I also took inspiration from TheBourgyMan on Deviantart and ktn305 on Deviantart. I sculpted the base and back, except for the question blocks. The figure is an anime figure with a Princess Peach head. I used a LEGO chain and a hollow sphere that I quartered and filled with Apoxy Sculpt. The base and figure stands about 8 inches tall.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page.

Sep 21 2013

Kodykoala’s Custom Megaman on Rushjet

Custom Megaman figure

Here is my latest commission, Megaman on the Rushjet. I used a D-Arts Megaman and Rush. The Megaman figure was repainted to match the paint on the Rushjet figure, which was built using the parts from the D-Arts figure and Lego pieces that were shaped to work with the parts. I also had to buy a clear base so that the figure would look like it was flying.

If you want to see more pictures, please go to My Flickr Page

Aug 24 2013

Kodykoala’s Toad Mech

Toad Mech

Here is the latest addition to the Mario Universe Mech series. I figured since the Toads were the smallest of the group, they would beef up their Mechs with some heavy fire power. I also figured that since there was a bit more in this Mech, that maybe a co-pilot was need to help with the weapon systems and other controls.

For this I used a vinyl Toad figure for the base, a Halo Warthog for the cockpit, and some guns from my parts bin. I believe the guns on the hands are from a Star Wars Destroyer droid, and the ones on the head are from a Transformers figure.

If you would like to see more pictures, please go to my My Flickr Page. Please like My Facebook Page to see current works in progress and other things going on.

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